White Rock Dog is dedicated to saving homeless animals found in East Dallas and around White Rock Lake.
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  The Manger dogs .........
  On December 27th, the DMN ran a story about 2 dogs that were found in a Pleasant Grove manger by a good Samaritan. The dogs were cold and were snuggling in the manger to stay warm. She got them vetted and then reached out to use to help get them adopted. They are best friends and we all really wanted them to go together! So, on New Year's day, they went together to their new home. The family that adopted them recently lost their two dogs and missed the companionship of their furry friends and opened up their home to "Jack" and "Sammy". The pups already know their names and have made themselves at home!
(original picture on the right and dogs in their new homes on top)
"DAKOTA" was found as a stray in Lakewood. She is a GORGEOUS Husky/German Shepherd mix. We looked high and low for her owners but they could not be located. She was adopted at our event at "THE LAKE HOUSE". She is quite a character, is full of personality and super sweet. She is living with a cat and has already learned how to "sit" and "shake". She is an Aggie now and is studying communications :)
"BUGSY" is a wonderful Basset/ Lab mix. He was born with elbow dysplasia and found himself at the shelter. He runs and plays without any problems and now lives in Lakewood with a Basset/Shepherd mix.  Mr. "BRADLEY" was found as stray in a trailer park. His winning demeanor and personality won over all that he encountered. He is SWEET, GENTLE and FULL OF PERSONALITY. He was heartworm positive and went thru the treatment. He lives with the chef over at the Granada. Soon after he was adopted he lost motor function of his back legs and was lethargic and unable to walk or lift himself. EVERYTHING was tried and as a last resort we referred him to the animal chiropractor, Dr. Mark Busson. He looked at some tests and determined that he was suffering from a toxic liver probably due to the heartworm treatment. He was put on liver cleaning supplements as well as an aggressive treatment of cold laser and weekly adjustments. Within 2 weeks, he started getting use of his back legs and within another 2 weeks was again mobile. He is a big dog so carrying up and down the stairs was quite a challenge. He is completely back to normal and the APPLE OF HIS OWNERS EYE "CASEY" now "MADDY" was found as a stray in far East Dallas. She was running around in traffic and a good Samaritan picked her up and turned her over to us. She has found her new home and runs the place!  Theses two were at the shelter and one of our volunteers could not let them stay there. "BOOMER" and "RITA" attended the Fiesta Latinamericana festival and ended up together and ive in Mansfield and are living the high life!
  In October, we accepted a little 7-8 week old dog that was very usual! Not only was she really small but had fur like suede. Her look was different we couldn't put our finger on her breed. It turns out she is a white Dogo Argentino (the national dog of Argentina that is a mix of Great Dane, Boxer, Spanish Mastiff, Old English Bulldog, Bull Terrier, Great Pyrenees, Pointer, Irish Wolfhound and Dogue de Bordeaux). These dogs grow from 90 to 130 lbs. "LOLA" is growing like a weed and is beautiful, sweet and very smart! The picture on the left is when she arrived - she is wearing an extra-small harness. She is now 6-1/2 months old.  
"NINA" was found as a stray off of Jefferson. Somewhere along the line she lost a little toe but that did not slow her down! She got adopted at "Pikes for Puppies" at SMU and is now finishing up her Ivey League of the south education :)      "ANNIE" was transferred to Dallas after she was picked up during the wildfires in South Texas. She is the sweetest, most playful little dog and now lives in Lakewood and made herself at home the second she came to her new house. She got dressed up to go to the vet and made the Katy Trail Animal Hospital facebook page. "BO" is a boxer mix that was pulled from the Joshua shelter with his brother "OZZY". They were 8 weeks old and on their last weekend - we couldn't let anything happen to them. He now lives off of lower Greenville and is living large!  "FINNEGAN" was found in Lakewood running around. A wonderful family found him and put him in our program. Finn is a FOSTER FAILURE! The family can't live without him and he now has a doggie companion and keeps things lively at their home.  "HENRY HOUWEENIE" was found by a cat group we work with. He is quite the character and has a BIG PERSONALITY. His new mom took one look at him and could not stop thinking about him. He now lives with a doggie companion and a cat off lower Greenville and runs the household!
"WILL" the Shih Tzu was found running loose in East Dallas. He is much loved and pampered in his new home! His family can't imagine their lives without this handsome fellow. Karla met us at "Fiesta Latinoamericana" downtown in October and began to follow us on Facebook. We posted a photo of "BREWSTER" and it was love at first sight! She is now "ISIS" and has even traveled back to Mexico at Christmas to meet Karla's family. "HUNTER" now "CHEWY" was found in the country at 6-7 weeks of age. He got separated from his litter and had been sprayed with bee-bee's probably by a farmer. Some kind people hiking in the woods found him and brought him back into Dallas. We agreed to take him in and he now lives in North Carolina. He is spoiled and is surrounded by many dog friends and family! 
"DEISEL" now "TUCKER" was a victim of the economy - his family lost their home.  He is now living on McKinney and goes to work with his new owner every day and goes hunting with him as well! "DELILAH" was also a victim of the economy. She now lives in Garland and is the constant companion of a 13 year old boy and loves life!  "BELLA IRENE" now lives in Houston. Her mom is a Beagle/Corgi mix and her dad is a Rottie. Miss Bella is the cutest combination of these breeds - short legs on a petite body, oh, and is spoiled rotten. "SCHMITTY" was found in southwest Dallas with a broken thigh. A good Samaritan couldn't leave him there and we accepted him into the program. A plate and 3 screws later, he is better than new! "LOLA" was found running down the street in Oak Cliff being chased by several much larger dogs.  A good Samaritan picked her up and she now lives in north Dallas and has a doggie sister!
"EMMETT" was found as a stray and now lives with a cat and a work from home owner. He goes to doggie daycare to run off energy and LOVES to swim in the pool. "GIDGET" was found in a parking lot in Everman. The ACO and a policeman were called out to catch this sly girl - she was just scared! She now lives with a 60 lb. doggie friend and is the light of her mom's life. "SOPHIE" was found on the access road to I45 after all the big storms in the Fall 2012.  She was picked up and is the sweetest dog! She now lives with a family and she has her very own little girl to love on. "OZZY" is a boxer mix that was pulled from the Joshua shelter with his brother. They were 8 weeks old and on their last weekend - we couldn't let anything happen to them. He now lives in a condo off of Ross and is loving life! "BOSS" is a Welsh terrier that was pulled out of Sulpher Springs. The ACO pleaded for this special boy - he was smart and had perfect manners. He now lives in Mansfield on a 2 acre lot with his lab friend and a houseful off kids!
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